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Be the difference /

Power Lifestyles & Empower Lives.

Puxley Farm with XO Solar

WE create
cleantech /

We are a social impact brand with a vision to change what’s possible; by creating extraordinary opportunities, providing Energy Freedom and protecting our planet.

We design, develop, manufacture, supply and install pioneering clean energy technologies.

Puxley Farm with XO Solar
Puxley Farm with XO Solar in the evening.

We believe in extraordinary /

XO / is more than a brand, it’s a mindset, an approach to life, a way of being, a feeling. It goes beyond the ordinary.

This principle is present in everything we do and every detail of the products we make. We design to remove compromise, solve problems and inspire progress. To power lifestyles and empower lives.

Woven into the fabric of XO DNA is our philosophy of Thoughtful Design. A considered blend of art and science, a careful balance of purpose, impact and style. An unwavering belief in intricacy, innovation, and finesse.

We’d like to be known for our impact, our values, our people and our culture, for thoughtful design, for responsible practice and for creating extraordinary products that people love.

We want to solve real problems and have a true impact on people’s lives and the world we all live in. We want to make change exciting and inspire people to join us in making it happen. We want to do things that mean nothing will ever be the same again.

We believe that progress comes from challenging ourselves, from challenging convention and from enjoying doing it. We don’t believe in ordinary; we believe in the alternative.

We can all be better, be extraordinary, be XO.…the world kinda needs us to be.

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Change What’s
Possible /


Extraordinary opportunities


Energy freedom


our planet

XO Edge farm house in the evening.

Energy freedom /

Imagine rebalancing your relationship with energy, having the power, taking control.

Imagine going from grid energy consumer
to clean energy prosumer.

Imagine trading energy price rises, uncertainty and reliance for energy income, reliability and self-sufficiency.

Imagine the positive impact on society and on the planet, on your finances and your carbon footprint.

Imagine the positive impact on your whole life.

Imagine being able to relax knowing the lights will always stay on, to enjoy the independence and peace of mind.

Imagine the feeling of liberation.

Now imagine not having to imagine.

That’s Energy Freedom /

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Learn more about how our products can help you achieve energy freedom.

XO Edge farm house in the evening.